…WHO WANT TO LEARN insider secrets for filming kick ass fight scenes for camera FROM ONE OF HOLLYWOOD’S TOP STUNT MEN.

A one day masterclass with the man behind the mask in Blockbuster films like Batman, Daredevil
and Demolition Man.

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I remember as a kid, as a teenager and let’s be honest throughout my entire adult life I have always loved the idea of appearing in a Kung Fu film or Hollywood movie as a larger than life character who can fight off hordes of baddies with my epic martial arts skills.
Well, late last year when I was visiting LA, I met a man who has been doing just that for over 25 years.

“Dave Lea’s expertise was invaluable to me. His knowledge of teaching and martial arts helped make me look really good.”  
Sandra Bullock
(Demolition Man)

Once I heard what he does for a living I had a thousand questions.  

Our chance meeting quickly turned into a 4 hour conversation!  

I shared my own background learning the martial arts as a sixteen year old boy and how my passion for the arts inspired me to found the UK’s first nationally recognised college for training world-class teachers in Chinese Wushu.

The time flew by and by the end of our conversation I was totally captivated by this guy’s life story… how he had left London in his twenties to pursue his own passion to learn the martial arts from masters all over the world.  

He told me how he had been spotted by a Hollywood Director one Friday night when he was working as a bouncer and had to make short work of a rowdy bunch of troublemakers.

That was the moment that sent his career in a completely new direction.

One that led to him working with the likes of Tim Burton, Ben Afleck, Colin Farrell, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeifer, Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise and many more of the Hollywood A-List.

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I was intrigued. How could a guy from London ascend to the dizzying heights of a Hollywood career working with A-List celebrities on massive blockbuster films?

“Dave’s ability as a fight choreographer and martial artist is surpassed only by his patience. Without the benefit of his tenacity and dedicated presence, my characterisation could never have been complete. Dave has a firm grasp of the actor’s process, allowing him to effectively and expertly aid in translating scripted material, that is, the written word becomes explosive fight sequences. He is able to work with even the most inexperienced action actors by illuminating their strength and instilling confidence in them.”

Eric Mabius
(The Crow, Cruel Intentions)

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I meet so many martial artists, dancers and actors who would love to do what he’s done but have absolutely no idea where to start.

Talented individuals with a real love for movement, performance and great movies who sadly never realise their talent to its fullest capacities.

They have the physical skills and abilities but lack some simple knowledge of the steps to take that would make them stand out and get their big break.

A Plan Begins to Hatch

We really hit it off and I suggested that I fly him over to London to run a one-day workshop.

I’ve had thousands of martial artists, actors and dancers come through my London classes so it was easy for me to hand-pick the very best and invite them to a hands-on workshop.

As you can imagine, he is pretty choosy about who he teaches, so I had to vouch for the quality and professionalism of my students but he agreed to come over.

It was an intimate course but he was so impressed by my students that he now trusts me to only put good people in the room with him.

Just being good at movements is not enough.
You have to have a culture and a respect and a passion for learning that goes beyond just wanting to fight.

Strictly no Nutters!

“Helped me enormously. I can’t tell you how I appreciate it, it will be an honour to work with you in the future, you’re the best there is and I thank you.”
Ben Afleck

I am in talks with him at the moment about running a series of masterclass events in July in either London, Leeds or Manchester.

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  • Real practical skills workshop where you will improve your technique

  • Individually tailored advice to help make your personal style stand out on film

  • Learning from the man who has coached Tom Cruise

  • Q&A Session where you can get answers to your burning questions about fight choreography, acting for film and stunt work

  • Certificate of Attendance – stamped and signed to confirm your professional development and skill level

  • Opportunity to film your own fight scene for use in your show-reel, promo vid or just to impress your friends

  • Opportunity for a meal at a local restaurant to network, socialise and hear more great stories from Hollywood

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This will be a masterclass and we will work on developing your own fight-scene with a partner or in groups. Some experience of role play, dance or martial arts with a partner will be an advantage.
The workshop will be pitched at an appropriate level to make sure that it is safe and fun but you will need to be fit, agile and have an ability to move fast.

Places will be strictly limited to ensure a positive experience for everyone.

You will learn how to build a fight routine and how to work with camera angles to make it look realistic.  

There will be an opportunity at the end of the day to film a short clip that you can take away with you to use in your show-reel or a promotional video or just to share with your mates.

“Dave is a total master at his profession and a true gentleman.” 
Sylvester Stalone (Demolition Man, Tango & Cash, Get Carter)

If this sounds like something you would be interested in then register below. Places will be limited but if you register now you get priority treatment.

p.s. This really is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from the very best, make your CV stand out from the crowd and have a lot of fun creating a high action professional fight scene for film.
Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis so register now to guarantee your place.    

p.p.s. If you have friends, family or other networks of people that might be interested in this, please spread the word.
As soon as we put the press release out on this one, things are going to go wild so do your friends a favour and tell them about it before the media gets their hands on this.

“When your passion is in the action, the fights and stunts will be true and real. I have learned from some of the best teachers out there. The least I can do is hold on to what they taught me.”
Dave Lea,
Hollywood Action Choreographer and trainer to the stars